Empty Buildings And Energy Storage: Why You Need To Store The Energy

When your company opts to abandon a building it has used for years, you should consider energy storage. It seems like a silly idea, since your company is not using that building for anything. However, there are many good reasons for storing energy in an abandoned building.

1. There Is Enough Energy Present to Show the Building for Sale

If, at any point, your company decides to sell this abandoned building, it helps to have some power on hand for the real estate agents to show the building properly. Prospective buyers want to see the inside and what they can do with the building if they were to purchase it. Rather than expect potential buyers to view the building with flashlights or rely on a sunny day, store up energy onsite for the real estate agents to use.

2. You Decide to Reopen the Building for Use

Your company could always decide to keep the building and reopen it for use. With all of the machines you have present there, it would be nice to cut down the start-up time by avoiding the lack of power with stored energy. This helps get the building up and running again much sooner than if the building had zero power at all. Fewer delays transfers into faster production times.

3. You Decide to Reinvent the Building's Use

It is not uncommon to take an abandoned building and turn it into something else. It is exactly what a buyer would do, if you had chosen to sell the building rather than keep it. Stored energy keeps the lights and power tools going while the building is getting a makeover. There may even be enough stored energy after that for machinery, or for separate floors doing different jobs. If you turn it into a tenement building (a popular option, by the way), then there is enough stored power to allow the first tenants to move in as soon as the apartments are ready.

4. You Need Power for Security Equipment

If you are not fully abandoning the building, and you need it monitored regularly, you will need the stored energy for security equipment. Whether or not you also have security guards on the property is up to you, but they would need the energy for the camera control room. Additionally, you would need energy for any electrical locks on the doors of the building, if you intend to keep it safe.